Eco-Friendly Choices: Recycled or Organic Materials

In a world that’s increasingly attuned to environmental concerns, we show our care not because it’s a popular thing to do, but because it’s the right thing to do.

At Art Cassé, we’ve taken a bold step towards a greener future. Presently, all our leotards, including their linings, are meticulously crafted from materials derived entirely from ocean and landfill waste: industrial plastics, fabric scraps sourced from clothing manufacturers, repurposed old carpets, and recovered “ghost nets” (abandoned or lost fishing nets).

But our journey towards sustainability doesn’t stop there. We’re actively exploring the incorporation of diverse materials in our future designs, with a firm focus on utilizing organically sourced or recycled fabrics. Our aim is to lead the way in making eco-conscious choices a seamless part of your dancewear.

Art Cassé takes pride in delivering high-quality products that endure. When you invest in our leotards and treat them with reasonable care, they serve you longer. This not only ensures your dancewear remains exceptional but also significantly reduces waste production over time.

When you choose to wear Art Cassé leotards, you’re making a multifaceted impact. You’re not only nurturing your own physical well-being by enhancing your technique and bolstering your body’s resilience against injuries, but you’re also making a tangible contribution to the cleansing and preservation of our seas and oceans.

By supporting our brand, you’re aligning yourself with a conscientious community of dancers who share a commitment to a healthier planet. We extend our heartfelt thanks for choosing Art Cassé as your dancewear provider.

Together, we dance towards a more sustainable and harmonious world.

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