We care. And we mean it

Caring about the environment is part of what we do not only as a company, but also as people. Documents we don’t need to print, we send via email or in cloud, if we need to print something, we use the blank page of already printed sheet. Grains that we used to brew a cup of coffee we give to friend farmers so that they can use it as a ferlilizer… Small things like that, small things that perhaps are not going to make a huge difference, but mean a lot to us.

Our tags are made of recycled paper. Each logo is made using a stamp and an ink, so don’t expect the tag to be identical every single time.

We use twine organic twine to wrap the boxes or fix out tags to the leotard. Made of flax it will not dissolve quickly, can be easily recycled or reused

ArtCasse - Photo - Sustainability and Care - Packing - Set

Our boxes are also made of cardboard, that makes them solid enough to deliver you our product, but can be also easily recycled or reused.

Reused is probably a key word here, because we believe that environmental care is not as much about recycling things, but making sure what we have, we use more than once.

And at this point we need to be honest with you: we wrap our leotards in a non-organic plastic bag, but this is the compromise we need to make to make sure your product will not get destroyed during shipping.

However we would like to ask you to try to reuse this bag. IIt’s great to carry your lunch, your pins, basic makeup accessories.

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